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A few years ago, we realised that all the activewear we came across was made of uninspiring synthetic materials. We wanted to create something entirely different: minimalistic lines made of 100% merino wool, stylish in and out of the gym.

The result is a refined collection of athluxury, proudly designed in Switzerland and produced sustainably in Italy. To celebrate this match, we named every piece of clothing after a swiss city, but we used the italian name.  

We are Salvatore Mandra and Rodolphe Huynh. We are Emyun. Nice to meet you.




we CREATED a wardrobe made of timeless and highly functional pieces, fairly made with the best materials. 



Your skin comes first 

We make activewear but we don't use synthetic materials, nor mesh. Our core fabric is 100% merino wool, natural and sustainable. 

The merinos are considered some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Super lightweight and breathable, merino wool is nature's answer to survive the scorching summers and freezing winters. 



ZQ merino wool

We work with a natural fibre that provides long-lasting technical performance and comfort. It has all the perks of wool, odor control, temperature regulation, plus one more: it is a smart and sustainable choice. 

In New Zealand, growers of ZQ Merino meet the highest standards in the areas of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability, along with delivering a premium and hand-selected fibre. 




Dispelling the myth that wool garments must all be dry-cleaned, our apparel requires little attention when it comes to cleaning: you can wash your Emyun piece simply in cold water for up to five times. Only after the fifth individual wash, the garment should be washed with soap or machine washed.

This way, your clothes are not exposed to the dangerous chemicals they used at the dry cleaner, which are not just bad for the environment, but also for your clothes.



We work with one goal in mind: creating a collection made of simple and effortless garments, perfect for your everyday routine but born for outdoors activities. 

Our design process takes inspiration from the traditional italian tailoring, synonymous of quality and elegance. In each of our t-shirts, we apply the same characteristics used to sew together a high-standard shirt.

For example, we reproduce features such as the underarm gusset and the yoke (or carrè) stitchings, to ensure perfect wearability and a better fit.

Our method is made-to-measure, we work the old way without a software or a computer, we create prototypes for each piece and we base them on a real model. After a first phase of trial and error, we proudly reach what we believe is the perfect shape for our garments and we deliver it to you.



We believe that our everyday choices are a reflection of our beliefs –  we use natural textiles and sustainable methods.





We establish clear and traceable connections throughout the supply chain from the wool growers to the final garment. The wool is sourced from accredited farmers in New Zealand who meet the highest on-farm standards and have adopted integrated strategies to manage the risk of flystrike, treating the wool without mulesing.




The material is then processed in Biella, Italy (by Reda), in the only factory in the world that can boast environmental certification by EMAS. Afterwards, our design is handled by two small and family-run laboratories close to Bergamo and Milano, Italy, operating in line with EU environmentally-conscious sourcing and production methods.




Our concern for the environment is sincere, we have transparent relationships with our chain of production, and we work only with suppliers who respect environmental rules, avoid chemical dying and recycle the polluted water.