The Weekend Essential: Alexis Tourron


ABOUT HIM: I am a designer and co-founder along with Stefano Panterotto of Panter&Tourron, a design and consultancy studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION: For work, we travel a lot and sometimes we don’t get really get to properly enjoy the weekend. When I have some time off, I recharge the batteries traveling in my van that I fully furnished for every occasion. Outdoors and breath-taking views fill my soul more than anything, but sometimes I also enjoy a weekend of well-deserved relax. 

For this weekend escape I decided to go to Therme Vals (picture number 13), a beautiful spot Designed by architect Peter Zumthor and located in the german part of Switzerland.


1. Emyun Zurigo pants in black, they are truly comfortable for travelling in style.

2. Every vacation in an opportunity for inspiration, I always pack with me a notebook & pencils like this one here (number 7 and 9).

3. A black turtle neck in 100% wool (like this one), a staple piece pretty versatile for winter trips.

4. Rayban round metal sunglasses, with a retro look and feel. Worn by legendary musicians and inspired by the 1960s.

5. My orange Patagonia Fitz Roy jacket, an item that I bought during my time in San Francisco.

6. A solid and sturdy Clipper lighter in metal and a simple but useful Opinel pocket knife (number 8), for an evening around the camp fire!

10. My little I-pod shuffle – I never listen to music from my phone because when I travel, I have to save battery and this is the perfect compromise: it offers quite a lot of storage space, long-lasting battery and a beautiful minimal shape. 

11. On my feet I always wear Camper’s shoes, a brand I love for their bold design approach.

12. I usually pack all of this inside my water resistant Freitag bag.